WiLD Leaders is Whole and Intentional Leader Development

Every current or potential leader experiences moments that connect their identity, their purpose, and their progress, but so rarely do we have a way to more intentionally make that connection. Whole leader development is the real story - seeing those connections fundamental catalysts for growth. The Whole and Intentional Leader Development (WiLD) Toolkit is an online set of tools that will build self-awareness, connect the dots between who you are, why you are, and what you do, and scaffolds the transformational conversations necessary to prepare you for the road ahead as a leader and as someone called to make a difference in the lives of others. We built the WiLD Toolkit to provide you with a tool where you can systemically track your learning, character, competence, and connect to a network of people to get feedback about your development and goals, and get a virtual mountain of personalized information about your network, strengths, areas for development, and your feelings about work and life. It is our hope that this tool will help you get back on track, remain on track, and find fulfillment and purpose in what you do every day that will not only help you, but others around you. Whether you are seeking to further develop your leadership capacity, moving through a transition, dealing with emotional pressure, or seeking to develop others, the WiLD Toolkit is for you. For more about WiLD Leaders, go to wildleadersorg.




Why are you here? This is a hard question for many of us. The WiLD Toolkit is designed to clarify your purpose and identify those you are uniquely called to serve.


Development requires vulnerability. Learn from the experiences that have shaped your character, while protecting your results until you choose to share them with others.



Learning should never stop. Unlike other assessments that put you in a box and leave you there, these tools are designed to be completed annually as the circumstances around you change.


What’s popular will only get you so far. Based on decades of research on the real stories of leaders and people just like you.



Our character is a combination of many things - heart and mind, actions and beliefs, past and present, life and work, ourselves and others. The Wild Toolkit is for those who see those connections.


Deep development rarely occurs in a vacuum. If you really want to accelerate your development, consider discussing your insights with a friend, co-worker, small group, team, or coach.