Whole + Intentional Leader Development (WiLD)

The WiLD Toolkit is made up of 10 research-based assessments that are each target a unique and critical aspect of your learning and development. In addition, unlike most personal development tools that focus on one area of your learning, the WiLD Toolkit assessments are also integrative and interdependent as each contributes to your development and connects to the others. With the exception of WiLD Profile and WiLD Plan which are taken at the beginning and end of the process, the tools may be taken in any order you choose. However, following is our suggested order. It's not only an integrative process, it's also simple and energizing, thoughtful, intention, and clarity to your next steps as a person and leader. Go to the WiLD Store to purchase access to the WiLD Toolkit.

1. WiLD Profile  

The WiLD Profile is the launch pad into the entire WiLD Toolkit. The WiLD Profile provides the foundation for your ongoing development this coming year by giving insight into your personality, character, and overall life satisfaction. It is not a test but is simply a developmental benchmark for where you are right now.

2. Calling & Purpose Inventory

The Calling and Purpose Inventory (CAPI) will challenge you to think deeply about the calling and purpose of your life and work and provide insight into your strengths, those you are committed to serving, and your next steps. 

3. Purposeful Goals Assessment

The Purposeful Goals Assessment (PGA) enables you to get intentional about the goals you are setting across the most important areas of your life including your finances, work, health, spirituality, family and personal ambitions. 

4. Leading Under Pressure Inventory 

The Leading Under Pressure Inventory (LUPI) is designed to help you stay connected to others while staying true to what is most important to you when that next high-pressure moment comes. You receive personalized feedback on how you show up in the most important high-pressure moments of your life and work, your strengths in those moments, and areas that may need further development.

5. Transformational Experiences Audit  

How do you know what experience or role you should pursue next? The purpose of the Transformational Experience Audit (TEA) is to identify the experiences from your past that have shaped who you are today, the experiences you are currently having, and the experiences you desire to have in the future. Experiences shape us just as much as our DNA, and this audit is an intentional way to move forward while looking back at the same time.

6. Skills & Knowledge Inventory

What have you learned that you could apply to future opportunities? The purpose of the Skills & Knowledge Inventory (SKI) is to identify the skills, competencies, and lessons that you have learned in the past, those you are learning in your current role, and those you would like to learn in the future. Knowing what it is you cannot help but do well and those things you would like to improve is the outcome.

7. Motivational Learning Inventory  

The Motivation & Learning Inventory (MLI) identifies your personal learning strategies that keep you engaged and learning when experiencing the world around you. Your personal learning strategies are what allows you to connect the dots between the experiences that are shaping you and the skills and lessons you are learning in real time.

8. People Investment Plan 

The People Investment Plan (PIP) is a tool for providing personalized developmental feedback to those in whom you are invested. This may include those you manage, your family and friends, or others for whom you are responsible. It creates a meaningful conversation with those on your short list regarding your insights into their lives and work and ways that you can effectively support each of them.

9. Strategic Network Audit & Guide    

The Strategic Networking Audit and Guide (SNAG) builds your strategic network of support in real time. This includes mentors, role models, those who provide you with feedback, emotional support, and even those who may open a door when you are looking for a new opportunity. In addition, the SNAG allows you to build a core group of individuals who will serve as your personal advisory board.


10. The WiLD Plan

The WiLD Plan is the final tool in the WiLD Toolkit and provides an overall summary and portfolio of your development through the year. It also includes before and after data on key developmental indices and a detailed snapshot of your learning and growth and future targets for development.

Here are the steps:

The Whole + Intentional Leader Development (WiLD) Toolkit is a system designed to help you be intentional about the next steps in your development as a person and leader. Personal development is challenging enough, so we have created a simple process to help you navigate the questions that are likely to drive the deepest change in you. After purchase, here's how to get started:

  1.  Go to Tools and start by taking the WiLD Profile.

  2. Review your personalized feedback report that will appear in your Reports Library, review the results, and consider sharing it with your team, a trusted friend, colleague, coach, mentor or small group.

  3. Go to Goals to set developmental goals using the Goal Setting Tool or by clicking on the target symbol on the left. 

  4. Increase your WiLD Mastery Level each year by completing tools, setting goals, providing feedback, and reflecting in real time. 

  5. Document, categorize, and save your most impactful experiences using the Moments that Matter contained in the Goal Setting Tool. 

  6. Continue by completing other Tools in the suggested order below, or in another order that suits your developmental needs at this point in your development journey. The power of their impact is multiplied exponentially when you share your results with a trusted other in your life or work.

  7. After completing all the Tools, finish your year by completing the WiLD Plan and receive an overall summary of your developmental journey through the year and significant changes in different key areas of your life and work.